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In the online store you will find a wide range of vacuum robots that are designed to simplify the cleaning process and make it more convenient for users. These robot vacuums use advanced technology and smart sensors to efficiently navigate and clean various surfaces.

In-store robot vacuums are equipped with powerful suction capabilities to effectively remove dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris from carpets, hardwood floors, and even hard-to-reach areas. They also have multiple cleaning modes, including automatic mode, spot cleaning, and edge cleaning to meet different cleaning needs.

With built-in smart features such as mapping and room recognition, these robot vacuums can create a systematic cleaning path, ensuring that every corner of the room is thoroughly cleaned. Some models also include Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to remotely control and schedule cleaning sessions using a smartphone app.

The Smarton.lt online store offers a wide selection of robot pumps that ensure cleaner and more efficient house cleaning.

Vacuum cleaners - Robots (16)

Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE CC Robot Pump


Liectroux C30B Washing robot vacuum cleaner


ABIR X6 Robot vacuum cleaner


ILIFE W400 Robot Pump


Proscenic 850T Pump Robot


iLife L100 Robot Pump


ABIR X8 Vacuum Robot


ILIFE B5 Max Robot Pump


ILIFE A11 Vacuum cleaner robot


LIECTROUX M7S Pro Robot Pump


Roborock S7 Pro Ultra Vacuum Robot


Proscenic X1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Liectroux XR500 Vacuum Robot 6500Pa


ILIFE W455 Floor Washing Robot


Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner